Choosing your Husband is one of the
biggest decisions you’ll ever make.

And there’s someone for everyone, remember that.

How are you still single?

I’m sure you get that a lot.

You’re probably thinking:
“If I knew, then I wouldn’t be single!”

I get it.
I was there too.

I felt like I had everything, EXCEPT the man.

Do you NEED him? No.

But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone?

Here’s the good news.

He’s out there.


But, you’re both busy, smart, driven people. And you probably don’t’ frequent the ‘bar scene’ anymore.

And clearly, he isn’t showing up at your local Starbucks like the movies promised he would.

So how do you find each other?

That’s where I come in.

Hey girl,

I’m Andrea Miller.

I’m the creator of the Dating App ‘GoGetter’ and the founder of the ‘Single No More’ Framework and for some reason, I’m obsessed with helping high achieving, talented, beautiful, smart, caring women like you find THE ONE.

I can’t explain why, I just AM.

And I’m really good at it.

And I’d love to help you.

Because there is literally no reason for you to be single.

Why Me ?

I grew up in New York and moved to Australia when I was 27.
Why? Why not, I said.

I always told myself, “When I meet the right guy, I’ll settle down anytime”

But for the next 10 years…none of my relationships went beyond 2 years.
And I was usually the one who called it off.

If he wasn’t THE ONE after 2 years, then why bother?

Problem was…
I was chasing men who weren’t committing to me.
And I was breaking up with the ones who DID want to be with me.

Now I was 37 and SINGLE. AGAIN.

I had to figure my SH*T out.
Because I wanted kids and time was running out.

So, I dug deep and figured out what was keeping me from finding love.

Now I’m 42, married with a beautiful baby boy.

How? I want to show you how.

My Philosophy

While most women feel like they’re being blown about by the winds of fate when it comes to their love life, I know it doesn’t have be that way.

What I know after studying alongside matchmakers & date coaches, going to countless love conferences, speaking to thousands of single women just like you, reading hundreds of books about love, marriage and relationships, and going through the journey of finding The One for myself, I now realize that… 

Finding love is 90% about you.
And only 10% about them.

Here’s how we can get started

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My Philosophy

Finding Love is 90% about you and 10% about them.

This means, finding love is in YOUR control.

With my help, you can find your Mr Forever, STARTING TODAY!


I got you. Let’s get started.

Maybe the best first step is read my book

How To Get A Guy Worth Keeping:

A Modern Women's Guide to Achieving a Fulfilling Relationship That Lasts - Workbook Included

Tired of being ghosted by men? Wonder why he doesn’t want MORE?

No more broken hearts.
No more confusion.
No more wondering.

After reading this book, you’ll never fall or waste time on the wrong men again.

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