The #1 Determiner of Success in Love

Ok, there’s actually TWO.

The first is: POSTIVITY.

According Dr Terri Orbuch (2018), studies show that when people have a hopeful, positive attitude in general, then they are significantly more likely to find love and have a happy healthy relationship.  Essentially, they create more opportunities to meet people and it rubs off on other people.

So, if you “throw in the towel,” you are significantly hurting your chances of meeting someone amazing.

People who remain HOPEFUL that they will find a partner definitely benefit from this optimism.

And interesting enough, women were more optimistic about their dating life than men.

The second is: TRUST.

Trust is the #1 most important ingredient for a relationship to work long term (Orbuch, 2018)


Because you need this before you can have LOVE and Commitment.

Think about it, how can you fall in love with someone if you cannot trust them?
Why would you commit to someone that you cannot trust?

TRUST is the expectation that someone will not hurt you or deceive you.

Sounds about right?

This is why 92% of men and 96% of women say the most important relationship expectation is TRUST (Orbuch, 2018).

It’s all the more reason to BE YOURSELF and BE HONEST from the beginning about the type of relationship you want.

And with coaching, we can work together to identify any limiting beliefs that are hindering your positivity but also if you really can trust this person.

Reach out anytime.

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