The Top 5 Most Common Myths In Dating

Frustration is a horrible feeling, but it’s one that can be avoided.


Because frustration occurs when our expectations don’t match reality.

So as long as we have REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS about love and dating (as people for that matter), then you will be pleasantly surprised rather than continuously disappointed.

Take this quiz below to see how much you know about dating and if your beliefs are true.

True or False:

1.    There’s definitely a period of time after a divorce or break up before you’re ready to get out there and date again.

2.     When you’re dating, it’s better to disclose everything about yourself in the beginning so your partner knows the real you.

3.     Women have more romantic beliefs and feelings about relationships and love than men.

4.     Women fall in love faster than men do.

5.     The best relationship are ones without conflict/disagreements.

Did you answer TRUE to any of them??

Well, THEY ARE ALL FALSE, according to Dr Terri Orbuch (2018)

Are you holding on to some myths that might be hurting your chances at love?

As a coach, I bring you this awareness about what your expectations are so I can reduce your frustration, set you up for success, and increase your confidence overall.

Who wouldn’t want that??

Reach out anytime.

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