Top 5 Dating Tips To Find “The One” Faster

You’re still single. Ugh.  Insert eye roll here. Right? We don’t get it either.

Maybe you’re just being punished for your good looks!! It’s the ONLY explanation!

We actually want to compliment you for making it this far and staying true to your standards. Feel confident knowing that you’re not the only one and it most likely isn’t because you’ve done anything wrong.

The way we see it, you’ve actually maximized your dating season full of passionate encounters and spontaneous hook ups (and why wouldn’t you? #noregrets! #yolo!), but that probably distracted you from looking at qualities that make a good companion.

Don’t get us wrong, sexual attraction is key. But remember to also look beyond attraction to seek qualities necessary for a partnership, like kindness, integrity and respect.  This can help you identify Mr/Mrs Right quicker so you don’t invest months or years to wake up to Mr/Mrs Wrong.

Here are my top 5 dating tips to finding “the one” faster.

     1.     Don’t look too far ahead
There is no need to worry if someone is husband or wife material on the first date.  First, determine if there is an attraction to any degree.  Next, allow yourself time to form a friendship full of positive experiences over the next few months without the pressure of “is this the one?” Commitment will inevitably follow but only if you have passed the attraction and friendship stage first.

     2.     Don’t let attraction supersede common sense
Make a conscious effort to date people that are “good for you” rather than make you “look good.”  You’re more likely to find someone that wants the same things in life and meets your long-term needs.

     3.     Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses
No one is looking for anyone perfect, just someone who is perfect for them.  Be proud of who you are and they will love you for it.

     4.     Take someone at face value
Ask yourself whether you can accept someone the way they are and if their actions are matching their words.  This is the time to determine whether they possess the qualities of character and values that are most important to you.

     5.     Give reality a chance
Hollywood romance is (I hate to say it), fiction.  However, the kind of deep, sustainable & compassionate love you seek is real.   Rather than looking for it in the clouds, pay attention to what’s attainable on the ground and before you know it, you might just both end up on cloud nine together.

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